birthday wishes in hindi

birthday wishes in hindi

birthday wishes in hindi: We welcome you to this post, I share with you birthday wishes and best collection of birthday wishes in hindi language. So you enjoy my collection and share this collection to your friends, your boyfriend and your girlfriend. If you like true lover status then you can also share your social media profiles like Whatsapp Facebook Twitter and other social sites.

happy birthday wishes in hindi

happy birthday wishes in hindi
happy birthday wishes in hindi

  • Romance novels are birthday cake and life is often peanut butter and jelly. I think everyone should have lots of delicious romance novels lying around for those times when the peanut butter of life gets stuck to the roof of your mouth.
  • Dad, thanks for being the best friend I could ever have. Happy birthday to you!
  • The older I get, the more I realize that I am still a little younger than you! Happy birthday.
  • To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am.
  • Daddy, no matter how tall I have grown up, I will forever look up to you. I love you and may you have a fun-filled birthday celebration today and for many birthdays to come. Happy birthday!
  • Santa Claus Has The Right Idea. Visit People Once A Year.
  • The impact you’ve made on me is worth a million birthday spoils and more. Happy birthday – may you be blessed with fulfilled dreams and happy thoughts
  • My life would not be the same without you and your amazing energy. Wishing you happiness today and always.

birthday wishes in hindi for sister

Happy birthday to the world's eldest sister! I am so blessed I thought I could give away the prize, but I hope you have a wonderful day anyway!

My sister is different from everyone,
The sweetest sister is mine,
Who says happiness is everything where
For me, my sister is more precious than happiness

Best wishes to my incomparable sister! You mean so much to me, sweetie, I wish you all the happiness in the world!

Today I celebrate, the happiest birthday of the person I know. She is my rock, my sister and my best friend. Have a terrible day sister.

Whenever you need me, you're always with me, you're always there when I can't make it, and today is your birthday, so I say "big thanks to you"

How much love have you got from me,
How can I tell these in two words,
You are always happy with this blessing,
The cake will be cut big on your birthday,
Happy Birthday My Sweet Sisters

On these Beautiful Birthday,
God bless you with enjoyment
Today with plenty and smile
Celebrate the day,
And get lots of surprises,

birthday wishes in hindi for friend

God may have celebrated that day too,
The day you made with your own hands,
He must also have tears…
The day you were sent to Earth, you would find yourself alone…

Happy Birthday friend…
Nothing can be as joyous as spending time with you, let today be the best of all so far. Happy birthday friend, you are loved

You are my friend, my friend
I wish you a happy birthday…
Never let anyone see you,
Never be sad, this dear cute cute…
Best wishes for birthday

I feel so blessed to have you as my friend. Hope your birthday is as special as you are.May all your fantasies come true. Thank you for being such a terrific friend. Happy birthday!

You understand me like nobody else. I have a sibling in you my friend. Happy birthday to my best friend!

I wish you love🥰, hope and everlasting joy and happiness. Thank you for being my 😎best friend!

For My Special Friend, Happy Birthday. I hope the best gift you receive today is knowing how much you mean to me!

Happy birthday! May your day be filled with lots of love and happiness.

 I couldn’t imagine a better friend. Thanks for all the memories! Happy birthday!

birthday wishes in hindi for wife

Your love makes the sun shine brighter and more beautiful. It’s hard to have a bad day with you standing next to me. Happy Birthday, my love.

Having you as a wife is more like having an angel guiding my way through life. I am truly blessed. Have a wonderful birthday.

My dear wife, may your birthday be as happy as you have made me. Happy birthday!

Some people read books and stories to find the meaning of love. All I have to do is look in your eyes. Happy birthday my beloved wife.

No fairy tale can compare to the true love story that we share. Our love story is full of joy, love, and always holding each other near. Happy birthday to my wife and the love of my life.

Happy birthday to a great mother and a wonderful grandmother that I am blessed to have as my wife. I have loved since we first met, and I will love you forever.

I had no idea that being loved by you would make me this happy. Wishing you all the happiness in the world on your birthday and for the year ahead.

Perhaps, it was my good deeds in my previous life that I got such a loving and caring partner like you. Happy Birthday, honey!

Happy Birthday! They say home is where your heart is. Well, my heart is with you. I’m so blessed to have a wife like you to walk by my side through all of life’s ups and downs. I hope this is your happiest birthday yet!

Your face is not as pretty as it was, your figure is not as sexy as it was but my love for you is as pure and unconditional as it was.

birthday wishes in hindi for son
Loved moonlight by moon,
Lovely night than moonlight,
Sweet life from the night,
And love you more than life,
Happy birthday son

Your birthday is beautiful every time
Also brings memories.
Always keep smiling like this in life.
Success is in your footsteps every moment.
This is my blessing on your birthday.
Happy birthday son

My baby
I am the only support for my life,
Happy Birthday son …
We are sure that you will become a successful son.

Take some special blessings of life from us,
Take a look at the birthday from us,
Fill the color that follows your life,
Today, take that happy post from us.
Happy birthday son

God save you from evil eyes,
Decorate you with moon stars,
You forget what sorrow is,
God made you laugh so much in life
Happy birthday son


My dear son, from the day you came into my life,
I wish you to be a great person.
I am sure it will definitely be completed one day.
Happy Birthday.


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