wednesday fast story

wednesday fast story

wednesday fast story

At one time there was a very wealthy Sahukara in a village. Sahukar was married to the beautiful and talented girl of the village. Once he took his wife on Wednesday, went to his in-laws and asked his wife to send him away. Parents say - son is today Wednesday.

 Do not travel for any auspicious work on Wednesday. But he did not believe and said that he did not believe in the things of hypocrisy. Both started the journey from bullock cart. After the journey of two kosas, one wheel of his car broke.

 From there, both of them started traveling on foot. If the wife thirsted on the way, the sahukar sat down under a tree and went to take water. After a while, when he came back with water from the water, he became very upset, because his wife had a second person sitting on his face. Wife was shocked to see Sahukar

 He could not make any difference in both. Sahukar asked the person - who are you and why are you sitting with my wife? Listening to the moneylender, the person said, 'Hey brother, this is my wife. I have brought my wife away from the in-laws' house, but who are you, who are asking me such a question? Sahukar almost shouted, "You are a thief or a thief." This is my wife.

 I sat under the tree and went to take water. The person said on this - Hey brother, lie, you are speaking. I had gone to take water when the wife was thirsty. I have even brought water to my wife by bringing water. Now you should be quietly moving from here, otherwise if you call a soldier, you will catch me. The two started fighting each other. Many people gathered there to see them fighting. Some soldiers of the village also came there. The soldiers grabbed them and took them to the king. The King also could not make any decision after hearing all the story. The wife was not even able to recognize her real spouse from them.

 The king asked them to put them in jail. The real moneylenders became frightened by hearing the king's decision. Only then did Akashwani- Sahukar you did not listen to your parents and left your in-laws on Wednesday. All this is happening from the wrath of Lord Buddha. Sahukar prayed to Lord Buddha that I would forgive God Buddha. I got a big mistake. I will no longer travel in the future on Wednesday and I will do my vow on Wednesday. Pleased with the prayer of Sahukar Lord Buddha forgave him. Then the second person disappeared from the king's face.

 King and other people were surprised to see this miracle. From the grace of Lord Buddha, the King felicitated Sahukar and his wife. On some distance they got bullock cart on the way. The broken wheel of bullock cart was also attached. Both of them sit in and head towards the city. Both Sahukar and his wife started living happily while fasting on Wednesday. With the grace of Lord Buddha, wealth began to rain in his house. Very soon the happiness in his life was filled with happiness. All the good deeds in the life of the man and woman are fulfilled after the fasting of Wednesday ....

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