This is Thursday (Thursday) fast story

This is Thursday (Thursday) fast story

This is Thursday (Thursday) fast story

It is a matter of ancient times. There lived a big business in a city. He used to send goods to ships in other countries. The way he earns more money, he used to donate openly, but his wife was very stingy. He did not allow anyone to pay a dime.

Once when Seth went to foreign trade, afterwards, Bhupati Dev had asked for a begging from his wife in a monk. Sadhu Maharaj, the businessman's wife, from Brihaspitdev, I am fed up with this donation and virtue. You should tell any such remedy, that all my wealth is destroyed and I can live comfortably. I can not see this money looting. Jupiter said, "O Goddess, you are very bizarre, someone is sad with children and money. If there is more money then put it in auspicious work, get married to virgin girls, build schools and gardens. By doing such virtuous deeds, your people and worldly life can be meaningful, but the trader's wife is not happy with these things of the saint. He said - I do not need such money, which I donate. Then Jupiter said, "If you have such a desire, then you should take a measure. Seven Thursday, take the house from cow dung, wash your hair with yellow cloth, bath in the hair while washing hair, asking the trader to shave, meat in the food Washing your house, eating, clothing your house, doing so will destroy all your wealth. By saying this, Brihaspatdev became distraught. The wife of the trader, according to Jupiter Dev, said seven gigs Decided to do the same.

 It was only three Thursday that the entire wealth was destroyed and that world was destroyed. When the dealer came back, he saw that everything was destroyed. The businessman consoled his daughter and settled in another city. There, he used to cut wood from the forest and sell it in the city. In this way he started living his life. One day his daughter wishes to eat curd but the trader did not have the money to buy yogurt. He assured his daughter and went to cut wood in the woods. Sit down under a tree there, crying over his former condition and crying. That day was Thursday. At that time, there Bhupathi had come to Seth as a sadhu and said, "Man, what are you worried about in this forest?"
Then the businessman said, o Lord, you know everything. "By saying this, the trader cried as he had heard his story. Brihaspitdeo said," Son, your wife had insulted Jupiter Dev. That is why this happened to you but now you have any kind of worry Do not do it, you should read Bhupati Dev on Thursdays, after adding sugar of two pieces of gram and jaggery to the water, Distribute it to those who listen to the story, and you also offer Prasad and Charanamrit, God will surely bless you. After listening to the sadhu, the businessman said, Maharaj, I do not even have enough to bring that yogurt to my daughter. You go to sell the timber in the city, you will get four times the price of the timber, which will prove to be all your work. He cuts the timber and sells it in the city. His timber was sold for good prices, so he took a curd for his daughter and ate it for Thursday's story by sharing chana, jug and prasad.

From that day all his difficulties began to get rid of, but on next Thursday he forgot to do the story. The next day, the king organized a large yagya and organized a banquet for the people of the entire city. According to the king's command, the whole city went to the king's palace to make a feast. But the merchant and his daughter arrived at the slightest delay, so the king took them both to the palace and provided food. When both of them returned, the queen saw that the necklace on her peg was missing. The queen doubted that the trader and his daughter had stolen their necklace. By the order of the king, they were imprisoned in the confinement cell. Being in captivity, both were very sad. There he remembered Jupiter Deity.

Upon being manifested, the businessman made an impression of his mistake and advised him that on Thursday you will get two paise on the door of the prison, by applying gram and apex to him, worshiping the goddess Jupiter deviately. All your sorrows will be gone.

On Thursday, they received two money at the entrance to the prison. A woman was going out on the street. The trader asked him to bring calligraphers and gram. The woman said, "I am going to take jewelry for my daughter-in-law, I have no time." She went away by saying so much. After a while another woman got out, the businessman called her and said that sister, I have to do Thursday's story. You give me two pounds of jugs and chana. He listened to the name of Brihaspitdev, and said, "I will bring you the gram-gram right now." My only son is dead, I was going to take a shroud for him but I will do my work first, after that I will bring a shroud for my son. She brought jaggery to the trader from the woman market and also himself heard the story of Brihaspatideo. When the story ends, the woman goes to her house with a shroud. The people at home were preparing to take the cremation grounds of their son's body to be named Ram Naam Saturn. "Lady Bid" Let me see the face of my boy. Seeing the face of his son, that woman gave Prasad and Charanamrit in her mouth. With the influence of Prasad and Charanamrta, he was resurrected. The first woman who had disgraced Biruppatdev, when she returned with a jewel for his son's wedding, and as soon as his son sat on a mare, the mare bounced like this that she fell from the mare and died. Seeing this, the woman began to apologize to Jupiter Dev, who cried crying.

From the request of that woman, Jupiter God came in the sadhu way and started calling it Goddess. You do not need to moan much. This is due to untouchability of Brihaspitdev. If you go back and listen to the story by asking forgiveness from your devotee, then your wish will be fulfilled. After going to jail, the woman apologized to the trader and listened to the story. After the story, he went back to his house with offerings and charanmrit. He came home and put it in the face of his dead son. His son also came alive with the influence of Charanamrut. That night, in the dream of Brihaspitdev Raja came and said, "Rajan. The merchant and his daughter you are imprisoned in prison is absolutely innocent. Your queen's neck is torn on the same peg. When the day came, the king queen saw the neck hanging on the peg. The king released that merchant and his daughter and gave them half state and married her daughter in a high total and gave diamonds and jewels in dowry.

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